Wide Vs Narrow Hardwood Planks- Which One’s Suitable For Your Flooring

There are different widths of hardwood floors. If you are looking for hardwood flooring, you may be asking yourself, "Narrow or wide planks, and what is the best choice for my living space?"?Probably on your mind.

In this blog post, we will explain what the difference between a narrow and wide plank is and why one might be better suited to your space.

It is important to note that planks are not the only kinds of hardwood flooring products available. In addition, there are also stripe and patterned floors available on the market.

Now let's look at the difference between a wide plank and a narrow plank for Pasadena flooring.

Wide Plank

Wide planks have a width ranging from five to fourteen inches. The most commonly used wide plank products range from 5-8 inches in width. Wide planks are also typically longer due to their sourcing from longer trees.

Additionally, wide planks display more of the wood's grain, knots, and other characteristics that some designers find quite charming.

Large plank flooring is made from the thickest part of a tree, the trunk. In addition to being smaller, limbs are inferior source materials as well.

There are fewer seams between wide plank floors, which mean fewer interruptions to the natural lines of both the wood and the room. 

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 Narrow Plank

Dimensionally, narrow planks range in width from 2 to 5 inches. The standard widths are 2 14.5 and 3 14.5 inches.

Planks of various lengths are cut from every part of the tree, ranging from one foot to five feet. A floor with more seams generally looks "busier".

What Flooring Will Be A Good Match For Your Space?

Choosing the right Pasadena flooring for your home can make your space appear bigger, cozier, or even more relaxed, so it's important to know what width to choose to achieve the look you want.

Aside from durability and budget, room size and style are the two most important factors to consider when choosing between the two plank options.

Room Size 

If you have a small room, narrow planks can create an elongated linear look which will make it appear longer and more formal.

Floors with wider planks can make a room feel cramped as wide planks have more grain and knots, which can interfere with the poised ambiance of the room.

 If you use a cleaner grade wide plank with fewer knots, this issue can be mitigated and cleaner grain pattern that can end up giving a more relaxed and seamless feel to the room.

If you decide on using wide planks in small rooms, lay those planks parallel to the longest wall. This will make your room look longer and airier.

For large rooms, one can choose between narrow and wide wood floorboards. Big rooms tend to favor wide planks because they give the room a cozier feel. Narrow plank Pasadena flooring can make a room appear even bigger and more formal.

Finally, it is better to check the options available before you dive into flooring installation.

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